The postgraduate program provides grants for visiting researchers. Applications for these grants may be submitted following a call issued by PAEP (Program of Grants for Postgraduate Studies), typically in November every year.

The call is sent by email with an attached form that IRyA researchers must fill out and resend to xm.manu.ayri@grebnelloh.k.

Grants are considered by the Academic Committee and distributed equally among all postgraduate program departments. The amounts awarded are normally between 15,000 and 25,000 pesos.

To receive this grant, visiting researchers must:

  1. Teach a course or workshop.
  2. Present a talk.

Coordination of Scientific Research (CIC)

Intended for UNAM researchers and academic technical specialists. This program provides supplementary grants for national and international academic exchange activities to help cover the expenses of UNAM academic staff or visitors. The activity must be previously agreed with the counterpart higher education institution. Applications to participate as a speaker at an academic event are only considered when an additional teaching or research activity will be carried out.

Calls are generally published in September of each year. IRyA’s Academic Office sends an email with a link to the Call, where candidates may view the general conditions and requirements. They will also have access to the Academic Mobility Registration System application link. All documentation requested on the website must be sent to xm.manu.ayri@dacasa after which a document will be requested electronically via CIC system.

Grants to academic departments will be based on funding awarded to CIC for each activity. Amounts are usually no greater than 15,000 pesos, since these grants are intended to supplement those which academics have received from their particular departments.

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Human Resource Affairs Office (DGAPA)

Intended for UNAM academics with regular full-time appointments, as well as well-regarded academics from other national or foreign institutions whose reappointment as visiting staff is of considerable value to their respective department. Supplementary grants are exclusively for participating as presenters at national and international academic events.

This grant may be requested at any time of the year. Payment of travel expenses or airfare is provided for UNAM academics and visiting scholars. Priority will be given to full-time researchers with permanent appointments with a minimum of 3 years of seniority who have not yet benefited from this program, as well as to those who do not hold an administrative academic position.

Applications may be completed online via the DGAPA (GeDGAPA) Electronic Management System. Applicants may enter the system using their own access codes. This must be done no less than 20 working days prior to the start date of the activity. Once the application is completed online, all documentation must be submitted to IRyA’s Academic Office, from where it will be sent to DGAPA.

Grants awarded to academic departments will be based on funding awarded to CIC for each activity.

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Office for International Cooperation and Internationalization (DGECI)

Intended for full-time academic staff, as well as well-regarded academics from other national or foreign institutions. The call is usually open during 3 periods each year (generally in January, May and October). The grants are intended to cover travel and lodging expenses, international air transportation in tourist class, or domestic air/land transportation in economy class. If the application is for a single project during the same period, the involvement of up to 10 participants per project may be funded.

Applications must be approved by the Internal Council. Because this program has some restrictions, consideration as a candidate for the grant will depend on the purpose of the trip or stay.

Grants to academic department will be based on the funding awarded to DGECI for each activity.

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