Leonardo Arroyo

<h2>Leonardo Arroyo</h2>

Topics of Interest: Software engineering; web development (backend/frontend); mobile applications development; UI/UX development; Databases (SQL/NoSQL); UNIX/Linux operating systems; programming languages (Python, php, javascript, java, c/c++).

Office: Acervo
Phone: +52 443 322 27 52

Email: xm.manu.ayri@oyorra.l

MCC Leonardo Arroyo did his undergraduate studies in computing systems engineering at the Technological Institute in Celaya, and his master’s degree in computational science at the University Vasco de Quiroga, Morelia Campus. He has been a member of the technical staff at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) since 2010.

He is responsible for the bibliographic archive in the Institute of Radioastronomy and Astrophysics, and for the development and maintenance of the administrative and academic information system (SIAA) of the institute.

MCC Arroyo is a member of the Security Commission and the Election Commission of the IRyA. He teaches at the ENES, Campus Morelia.

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