Luis Alberto Zapata

<h2>Luis Alberto Zapata</h2>

Research Interests: Submillimeter interferometry; planet and star formation; complex interstellar molecules; origen of life in the Universe.

Publication List: ADS

Office: 223
Phone: +52 44332 22795

Email: xm.manu.ayri@atapaz.l

Dr. Luis Zapata received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Autonomous University of Coahuila and his doctorate in astronomy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a predoctoral fellowship at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He has been a researcher at the Institute of Radioastronomy and Astrophysics (IRyA) of the UNAM since 2011.

He studies star formation and associated phenomena using observations with radio telescopes. Highlights of his research include the formation of massive stars in the Orion Nebula and his studies of molecular flows expelled by young stars.

Dr. Zapata was awarded the Reconocimiento Distinción Universidad Nacional para Jóvenes Académicos 2016, by the UNAM, for research in exact sciences. Currently, he is Director of the IRyA for the period 2019 to 2023.

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